Sylvan "Star" Cheese

We are so proud to to be working with the absolutely amazing Sylvan Star Cheese farm to bring you the best locally produced cheese in Alberta. Art and his team out of Sylvan Lake AB have been at it for generations, and the quality of their products reflects their master craftsmanship. Here you can view just a taste of what they offer. Order today and experience for yourself what it's like to enjoy udder decadence as you elevate what's on your plate!
"After receiving the fresh milk we turn it directly into one of the many types and flavours of cheeses we make. We make Gruyere, Havarti, fresh curds and over 25 different flavours of Gouda. We age our gouda on wooden shelves and offer it in different age categories. From making the cheeses, to coating and flipping of the cheese - everything at Sylvan Star cheese is hand crafted and done by hand. This gives our cheese the characteristic, creamy and timeless flavours."