About Our Product

Bowden Farm Fresh Chicken has been a family owned and operated business since 1982. We proudly raise our chicken and turkey without the use of: antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives, or animal by-products in the feed. We take pride in sourcing locally grown GMO free grain comprised of wheat, peas and canola - NO soy, corn, or barley. Our birds (Cornish Giants) are among the strongest of breeds and are solely raised inside and able to roam to provide a stress-free environment, deeming them "Free Run". We process our birds at Alberta approved plant #127, otherwise know as Tschetter Colony, and they are butchered in the most humane of ways. You can trust us when we say our chickens are truly happy! This system we employ in conjunction to our grain mix allows us to develop a superior bird that really sets the bar. Try our chickens and turkeys and become part of our ever growing journey here in Central Alberta!
Thanks to our constantly rising support and loyalty, our business has now grown too large for what we are able to raise for all of our wonderful customers! We have since taken the time to partner with other local poultry farmers that we absolutely stand behind in every way. We will continue to offer the same quality product that you have come to love, and we will always keep our promise of your satisfaction guaranteed being our first goal. We more than pride ourselves on the products we provide, and we constantly monitor our partners so they may follow our strict guidelines that we also employ and have since inception. We appreciate your feedback, and expect you as the customer to let us know how we are doing with both our service and our products. We remember being just a small farm receiving help with promoting our business when we first started up, and we love paying it forward by partnering with other excellent farms.