About Us

We are a tight knit family full of pride and passion, and we believe that at the end of the day, we truly deliver quality chickens and turkeys. Our business was built on relationships we share with our customers along with our ability to raise exceptional poultry. We strive to stay personable and won't hesitate to keep you happy!
We are proud to carry out such a widely recognized business established here in Bowden in 1982 by John and Diana Dyck. In time, they passed the farm onto Richard and Chrissy Dyck in 2007, who had radically developed the business with the creation of the website. Now moving into 2019, Richard and Chrissy move forward farther than ever with the help of their hard-working children Myranda and Brandon, as Bowden Chicken enters its 3rd generation of poultry farming. Never once offering antibiotics, hormones, growth steroids, preservatives, or animal by-products in the feed, Bowden Chicken still produces some of the finest all naturally raised chickens and turkeys in central/southern Alberta.
All of this is because of our wonderful, loyal customers who have strode with us throughout the years, helping us to become what we are today. With that said, from everyone on the Bowden Chicken farm, we thank you all!