Jake's Seasonings
Jake's Seasonings

Jake's Seasonings

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Jake's Legendary Steak Spice was born from the desire to make food just a little better. The Alberta-made spice rub is a secret blend of fourteen different spices that's big on flavour and easy on the salt. 

With just 9% sodium or less in Jake's spice blends, you'll notice a kick of flavour, rather than that mouth-puckering saltiness or chalkiness familiar with some other spice rubs.



Gluten-Free | Low Sodium (9%)

Get ready to sizzle with Jake's Original Seasoning – the spice that started it all! A dash of smokiness, a pinch of sweetness – this seasoning was born to elevate your grilling game. But here's the twist: once you've tasted its mouthwatering magic, you'll find yourself sprinkling it on everything! From popcorn to burgers, wings and even Caesar rims, this seasoning takes every dish to a whole new level.


Gluten-Free | Low Sodium (8%)

The undisputed rock star of our lineup! What's our secret? We infuse this zesty goodness with real lemon peels and trust us; your taste buds will be begging for an encore. Whether you're grilling up some fish, spicing up chicken wings, or giving veggies and mac 'n' cheese a tasty twist, this seasoning is like a hit single you can't stop playing on repeat. Embark on a culinary journey where more is always better – because you simply can't get enough of Jake's Lemon Pepper!


Gluten-Free | Low Sodium (7%)

Our Friendly Cajun brings the heart of Louisiana straight to your kitchen! What makes it so friendly, you ask? Well, we've tamed the "heat" just right, so everyone can savour the mouthwatering Cajun flavours without breaking a sweat. Whether you're jazzing up shrimp, giving pulled pork a little zing, or turning your rice and jambalaya into a flavour fiesta, this seasoning is your passport to a friendly Cajun adventure.